Every day, there are thousands of events and businesses around the world using disposable bowls and containers to serve food in. 

It's up to us as individuals to say no to harmful disposable products like plastics, and yes to recycling and up-cycling natural products that our earth provides us with.

There are so many sustainability positive options businesses have right now, from bio-degradable bamboo products and tableware made from palm leaves yet almost all still choose plastics for their affordability. 

Introducing our Plants not Plastic initiative. 

From every Coconut Bowls order, we'll contribute one Coconut Bowl to Plants not Plastic, where we partner with businesses and events to replace their disposable tableware with Coconut Bowls for a day.

We know that one day of change matters little, yet it's our responsibility to raise awareness. Real impact requires a change of thinking and behaviour from a large amount of people, and that's our goal for this initiative. 

Please join us. 

On our website, we'll track the amount of Coconut shells saved from becoming  waste, the amount of plastic we've stopped from being used, and the amount of people who've joined our initiative.

We'll contribute a Coconut Bowl to our plants not plastics initiative.

We'll contribute up to 500 Coconut Bowls to the event or business for a special day where they replace plastics with our Coconut Bowls.

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How it works.

Once we've assigned the Coconut Bowl from your order, we'll let you know where it's going.

We'll partner with an event or business.

Track your contribution.

Global sustainability.  

Nominate a business or event to partner with our Plants not Plastic initaive.